Friday, 27 April 2012

I shot an arrow into the air......

No need to question the folk in a mass information gathering excercise, just look at those programmes like ‘Jeremy Kyle’ etc. ‘You left your kid outside the betting shop while you went in to place a bet, when you came out young Jackie was gone. You didn’t have to put that bet on, which lost incidentally, but you did it all the same. You’re a bad mum. ((mutter from the audience, slag, I bet on Riverdance in the 4:30)) The common man is a compatibilist to the soles of his runners or to put it another way the common person is a compatibilist to the soles or his or her runners.

Everyone navigates between vectors, nudged hither and yon. It’s only in retrospect that motives turn into causes. Consider that the Free Will argument may be like the paradox of Zeno which is based on pausing the arrow at a point instant. This may be useful for mathematics but does not comprehend the unbroken nature of the flight of the arrow. Ethical, moral reasoning is useful like mathematics but it too does not comprehend in reality the flow of events and all our different trajectories, which depend on the initial impetus, fletching, elevation etc. Can we enhance this as we go? I know that you can, you may believe that you can, others doubt that you can but no one can prove that you can.

Welcome to the world of flight.

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