Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lead Kindly Argument

I've had the extraordinary experience of putting a question to Brandon at Siris
that was not complicated enough for him to understand. It's based on the assertion by Julian Baggini
cif guardian
that religious people offer rational arguments for their adherence and that these arguments, Baggini maintains, are no more than rationalisations for something that has altogether more subjective grounds. Brandon contradicted this saying that there are many cases of people who have gone from atheism to theism led by purely intellectual arguments. He mentioned A.N. Flew as being one. Fair enough. I asked him who else besides Flew was so persuaded. That was the too simple question. You see I don't actually believe that there have been all that many people who have gone from atheism to theism borne along by the power of rational arguments in comparison to those that have been converted by an infusion of grace. In this game the result stands:
Holy Ghost - 6 : 5 Ways - 0

In the end 3 names were mentioned as countering Baggini's claim, Ed Feser, John Wright(science fiction writer) and A.N. Flew. There may be others. Maybe you, gentle reader, know of some more. Their testimony would be interesting to read if available.

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